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Meli's Pictures March/May 2003
Some randoms.. and me at 6!


Stef's Birthday and Memole!
Tommy's Chresima
Some randoms.. and me at 6!
My Bday Cake and two angels :)
Florentia Viola!!!!!!!!!
Sinath and Gallipoli

Some friends and.. just to have some laugh... me at 6, lookin like a boy!
THAT girl was in love with me thinkin I was a male!!!!! Ehy darlin.. LOOK: I  don't have....the "funny source" ;)

I am the one on the right...
;) sigh ;)

Gvapo... isn't he gorgeous?
Atila-Han in rendo... ;)

Some friends pictures, and some new people that I got to know thanx to the experience of writing a tutorial for Renderosity Magazine! :)

Hola!!!!!!!!1 Welcome this rockin soul
from Mexico!!!! Hugs dear :)

this is Philipp,... and I fell out of chair..
when I saw the way he looks!!!!!! WOW, man :)

People can be so interesting :) and all of those I show here, are just adorable :) and... well, your eyes will please themselves, too ;)