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Meli's Pictures March/May 2003
Stef's Birthday and Memole!


Stef's Birthday and Memole!
Tommy's Chresima
Some randoms.. and me at 6!
My Bday Cake and two angels :)
Florentia Viola!!!!!!!!!
Sinath and Gallipoli

A special creature turns 30 :) And a new car enter in Meli's life!


Years might pass, and we certainly are not those of times when we first got to meet but.. who is saying that that's a bad thing? I feel better than I have ever felt.
I feel that what lies ahead of me will just be shining.
Happy Birthday, Stefano :)


Pictures taken in March 2003. "memole" is the way I have baptized this amazing MAZDA X5 and it's from a cartoon anime that was on Italian tv screens when I was little. :)The name of a little fairy from outer space:)