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Meli's Pictures March/May 2003
Sinath and Gallipoli


Stef's Birthday and Memole!
Tommy's Chresima
Some randoms.. and me at 6!
My Bday Cake and two angels :)
Florentia Viola!!!!!!!!!
Sinath and Gallipoli

On May 13th, 2003 the lovely Sinath, my friend from Canada that I had the immense pleasure to know also in person last year in London for the Finsbury gig, came into  Florence while bbeing on holiday for two months around many European countries.
It was a spectacular day the one we shared, and I was also happy to meet and know her amazing friend (s)... the day was perfect.... pity that the night was cancelled for me due to a bad event in the family...
But I know that this won't be the only time Sinath will be here!!!
Love you darlin :)
Say hi to everyone!!!!!:)

thank you for everything girls!!!!!!!
Love ya :)

Two days after, I went to Rome for matter of work (which is always a wonderful way to visit the town and being with Stef, as he works there and he has a further apartmenet there that he shares with his mad flatmate ;)(and collegue). I also knew Paola, a very smart, beautiful and funny women that works with them too, which I immediately linked with :)
Then after the Rome journey... we took the plane to pass the weekend at Gallipoli!!!!!!!!!Ah, that sea... unbeatable even in May... :)
And then... Stef's granny is always amazing to share time with :)

Stef on the Beach in the morning...
the wind made his t-shirt grow like he was a flubby man! But he's not :) Not for me :)

Me bathing in clear, fresh sweet waters...
eheheh ;) You're right in being envious of such a place!!!

Fore me... that weekend has been totally a blessing :) Nature, love and care has made me heal completely from teh familiar loss... and I am grateful that live is always so nice with me.
I hope you had fun in following these pics and stories... next chapter.. coming soon :)
Hugs!!!!!!!!! Meli :)

Walkin Gallipoli on Sunday Morning...
under a sky a bit clouded...:)

Gallipoli...Kalé Polis
Which meant in ancient greek "Beautiful Town": and it is :)