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Section 7
mrtmm's portraits of me
Intolerance's portraits of me
looter's magic of me
Heart'sSong 's portrait of me
Ferguson's painted portrait of me
WebVogel makes me a POSER doll
SoulEatar's Meli version
Cassie gift and her personal awesome art
Me in Dave, Gabry and Ed's art
AnthonyJr, lumo and TravisTAADT gift me...
Marco, Kobain and Lucia's gifts

More portraits... and some new gift that isn't a portrait of me.

Which is pretty much a surprise, after a month and a half where I have been gifted with grace like never before :)

Here you're gonna see artists that you know already, and new entries of stunning talent, that have been so kind to want me modeling for their awesome creations. Enjoy!

Surf in the toolbar aside to get amazed :)

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Synapse and AXoNe.FluX's collaboration

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